Tegeka Help/FAQ

How Does Tegeka Work?

TegekaHS is the easiest way to book home cleaning services in Uganda. We connect you to qualified, experienced and screened domestic cleaners  – and all you need is your phone!
Just download the App and schedule your desired cleaning service.   

Do I need to do anything before my cleaner arrives?

Every customer is different and if it’s the cleaner’s first visit to your home, it’s good to give them some guidance. Ideally, jot down a list of cleaning priorities for your cleaner (you can do it per room, or for your entire home). This will help them to focus on the areas that are important to you. When your cleaner arrives, give them a tour and highlight your priorities and any fragile surfaces or items. Don’t forget to show the cleaner where to find your cleaning products and if you have any preferences or surfaces that need special care, make sure to let your cleaner know.

Do I need to be home for the booking?

We strongly recommend that you are home for the first clean of your booking to show your cleaner around.

What cleaning supplies do I have to provide?

We recommend to have the following cleaning supplies at home:

  • Cleaning Cloths
  • Scratch-free sponge
  • Toilet Cleaner
  • Limescale Remover
  • All-Purpose Cleaner

Further cleaning supplies are required for additional cleaning services, such as:

  • Interior window cleaning: Glass cleaner
  • Oven cleaning: Oven cleaner and sponge

What if I don’t like my cleaner?

We do our best to help you find the right cleaner for your home. However, if for any reason you would like to change your cleaner, you can easily do so in your account and send a new request for another cleaner. It is important to let us know why you would like a replacement so we can then find you the perfect match.

Is Tegeka a Cleaning Company?

Yes it is, and no it’s not…

TegekaHS is a technology company. We have developed an online marketplace, matching customers with qualified and trusted cleaners.

However, we also understand that nearly 80% of cleaning is referral-based. For this reason, we personally screen all cleaners to ensure that they meet the stringent requirements to become a TegekaHS accredited cleaners.

TegekaHS is not just a platform for cleaners and clients; We take pride in the cleaning results. We don’t just send you a cleaner and walk away. We guarantee our work, we regularly audit our cleaners, we send the cleaner back if we do not meet your cleaning expectations.

How do we select our cleaners?

Our Tegeka accredited cleaners are the face (and hands!) of the company, we carefully screen and train them so they share the same standards, provide the highest level of service and create the great Tegeka experience we promise to our customers.

We would never send a cleaner we wouldn’t trust in our own homes!

Here are a few reasons you can trust our cleaners to be the best cleaners in Uganda.

  1. Trained: Before our cleaners start with TegakaHS they must undertake an induction to ensure they are aware of the consistently high-quality standards an accredited  Tegeka cleaner must deliver.
  2. Customer Approved: We review all Tegeka accredited cleaners against customer feedback – your satisfaction matters to us! Rest assured, we take every step to give you quality, safety and peace of mind.